29 December 2023

WFRP4 - Hit Locations & Barding, Version 1.0 (PDF)

Something for the new year. Need more Hit Locations for special creatures? How about barding for you mount? Well, here are couple of pages simple rules to handle these in WFRP4 (and easily in WFRP2 and WFRP1). I have created number of Hit Location tables, that should handle pretty much any creature type you might encounter. These also include how barding is handled and special body parts, like tail and wings. Also, there are some new damage rules and Wing Critical Wounds table. AND the simple barding rules for creatures from any size.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Hit Locations & Barding, Version 1.0 (PDF)

Warhammer Community: The Old World (Warhammer Community)

Warhammer: The Old World project continues. World-That-Was is coming back. Or more likely it's past, before The End Times. One article (below) mentioned, that the date will be 2276 IC. This is interesting era, considering there is no Magical Colleges for example yet. And it seems that we start with Bretonnians and the Tomb Kings. But there will more factions.

Forces of Fantasy will cover: Dwarfen Mountain Holds, the Empire of Man, the Kingdom of Bretonnia, the Wood Elf Realms and the High Elf Realms.
Ravening Hordes will cover: the Orc and Goblin Tribes, the Warriors of Chaos, the Beastmen Brayherds and the Tomb Kings of Khemri.

Nice detail is that there will also be new novels from this era too.

I have collected here latest articles from the past couple of months. They lead to Warhammer Community site:

Old World Almanack: Discover Bretonnia a Land of chivalry and honour (27 Dec 23) Official Site

Tomb Kings of Khemri Revealed (26 Dec 23) Official Site

Lord of the Lance Novel (20 Dec 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: Musttering the Grand Army of Bretonnia (18 Dec 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: Living Saints and Special Rules (11 Dec 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: How Magic Brings a Sparkle to the Battlefield (04 Dec 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: Get in the Righ Headspace for Morale and Psychology (27 Nov 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: Fight the Good Fight in the Combat Phase (20 Nov 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: Darken the Skies with Volleys of Arrows, shots, bolts, balls, and screaming skulls (13 Nov 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: The Movement Phase Introduces Marching Columns (06 Nov 23) Official Site

Old World Almanack: First Look at the Rules (30 Oct 23) Official Site

12 August 2023

WFRP4 - Nuln & Wissendland & Sudenland Characters, Version 1.0 (PDF)

As you know I love Nuln. "Jewel of the Empire". Inspired by Archives of the Empire, Volume III: Altdorf - A World to Itself article I decided to create similar style Character Profiles to Nuln. But why stop there - I also did Wissenland AND Sudenland. So, if you want to create characters from Nuln or those provinces here are detailed options for that.

Nuln & Wissenland & Sudenland Characters, Version 1.0 (PDF)

03 July 2023

WFRP4 - Expanded Weapon Rules, Version 1.0 (PDF)

Did you get great Up In Arms (WFRP4 sourcebook)? And you still want more weapons? Ok, so did I. I think number of weapons were missing and decided to create rules for them. My document presents number of stats for different types of weapons. Some are pretty common, others are tools, some are famous from various parts of the Warhammer World, and then few exotic ones with various special rules. Besides new weapons some "old ones" (already presented in the rulebooks) have litte more details/rules.

Expanded Weapon Rules, Version 1.0 (PDF)

WFRP4 - Character Encumbrance and Size Rules, Version 1.0 (PDF)

More rules for summer games. Here are couple of optional and pretty simple Encumbrance and Size rules for WFRP4. My ideas for Character Encumbrance. Rules for that in WFRP4 Core Rulebook were little ... too simple. My rules are based on Characteristics and size. And based on that new rule for Carry Capacity that should work pretty nicely with any creature. This uses creatures (or persons) Characteristics and also size. Besides these, there are some size based rules/details and finally rules for items that weight nothing? So, rules about Enc 0 items.

Character Encumbrance and Size Rules, Version 1.0 (PDF)

26 June 2023

WFRP4 - Druidic Priest of the Old Faith (PDF)

Did you get Archives of the Empire, Volume III? If you didn't it has nice articles about the The Old Faith (and folk workship & Hedgecraft). Article also has rules about Priests of the Old Faith, but what I was missing was opportunity to present Druidic Priest of the Old Faith -career. But sadly no... Well, no worries. This is my take on that career. It uses the rules given in the book, but also it has good old Spirit/Totem Animal Familiar rules from the WFRP1 turned into WFRP4 rules. It should make this career interesting option. And I have made few new rules detailing about the Spirit Familiar.

WFRP4 Career: Druidic Priest of the Old Faith, Version 1.0 (PDF).

The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm (2512-2521 IC), Version 1.6 (PDF)

Something new for the summer. New version of The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm (2512-2521 IC). Changes are very minor (and few). The "biggest" related to the Egrimm van Horstmann. His corruption and unmasking. I have two different version of that (and some explanation how they fit timeline), but I decided to use the current (WFRP4) version as the default.

The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm, Version 1.6 (PDF).

24 May 2023

Happy Birthday Kalevala Hammer!

Happy Birthday this site! Site is now 16 years old.

Another year with Warhammer. And it looks good. Cubicle7 Entertainment is doing amazing work with WFRP4 providing good amount of new material and interesting locations. And there is stil so much more that can be published.

Total War: Warhammer has expanded the Immortal Empires to include all the three games connecting the entire Warhammer World. This makes huge world wide campaigns possible.

Another game that should be mentioned is Games Workshop Warhammer: The Old World, which we get news time to time. New version of the WFB happening in the World-That-Was. It is coming.

And I've been working various rules too, for WFRP4. I'll try to get those to the site soon. All good - Remember to keep the hammer high! Cheers J

20 March 2023

Warhammer Community: The Old World (Warhammer Community)

Warhammer: The Old World. Remeber this official Games Workshop project? It started few years back. Warhammer Fantasy world was destroyed by The End Times. They started slowly building new rules about the World-That-Was (and which was destroyed). Since then there has been number of articles detailing various things about the project. Not too much information, but it still seems to be coming (slowly). It seems, that this new version or edition (?!) will be set to little earlier in the Warhammer timeline than previous army books. It is interesting project.

You can follow any news about the project from the official Warhammer Community site. Their news has huge amount of various news from different Warhammer settings, so following links direct you to this years news about the Old World project (more easy to navigate, if you are interested). If you search more news there, try "Old World" to search.

Warhammer Community Official Site

Old World Development Diary – Explore the war torn lands of the World-that-Was (11 Jan 23) Official Site

Old World Development Diary – Walk Like a Nehekharan in the Land of the Dead (06 Feb 23) Official Site

Old World Development Diary – Revealing the Weapons of War (13 Mar 23) Official Site

WFRP4 - Lustria Pre-Order (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

And another huge rpg sourcebook (over 200 pages) from Cubicle7 finally exploring the mysterious Lustria. Realm that we know from the Lizardmen army books, old articles, WFB campaigns, and maybe from some novels. Rich and huge realm to explore and so it is. Who wouldn't want to adventure to its steaming jungles where weather, diseases, plants, animals, undead, Norse, pirates, Dark Elves, savage Greenskins, beasts, and mysterious Lizardmen all can be your doom?

- Maps of the realm.
- Lustria lands, climate, history, lore (what different species and nations know about it), ancient places of power.
- Interesting locations, including Norse colony of Skeggi, The Vampire Coast and Elf colonies.
- Temple-Cities and Tlaxtlan.
- All about the Old Ones, The Slann and the Lizardmen. Their religion, magical powers, special traits, weapons...
- High Magic. This includes rules for Elven use of High Magic too.
- Lustrian Bestiary.
- Campaign ideas to Lustria and huge amount of various rules including new Character Options, careers, events, weather, travel endeavours...
- And like always - beatiful art.

See more information from Official Cubicle 7:

25 February 2023

Total War: WARHAMMER III - Immortal Empires is Here!!! (SEGA & The Creative Assembly)

Total War: Warhammer III Immortal Empires has official been launched this month, with Patch Notes 2.4.0 update. It has been on beta stage since last year, but now it should be available to everyone.

Total War: Warhammer III has previously only featured it's own campaigns and not connect it's new factions (Grand Cathay, Ogres and different Chaos hosts) to other realms. Until now. Personally I think this is the most exiting update, finally, on Total War: Warhammer -series, as it now expands the battlefield to almost entire Warhammer World (World-That-Was). Why did I say almost? Well, it seems that Ind, Khuresh and Nippon are not available, but we still should be able to sail and fight around the Warhammer World nicely.

During the last summer they already gave us map of the game world. This Total War: Warhammer III - The Immortal Empires Map -link will take you to that blog page on the official blog.

See more info from official Total War Twitter and from the official Total War Blog.

24 February 2023

WFRP4 - The Peril of Lustria (Cubicle7)

Cubicle7 posted a new article about the coming Lustria sourcebook on their blog. It gives more information what the sourcebook has. New strange and dangerous creatures, nasty diseases (probably poisons too), great Warding spells, colonies - Human and Elven (including Norse Skeggi), Skaven influence, probably Vampire influence (Vampire Coast) and off course the Lizardmen themselves.

It is interesting to see are the Slann stats given there also and what are they like (as they are most powerful spell-casters in the Warhammer World).

See more information from Official Cubicle 7:

16 February 2023

WFRP4 - New Official News (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Hello, hello...

New year and new Warhammer news. And no - I haven't forgot my own site, even it's been quiet. There are some official news. Cubicle7 has posted two articles on their blog.

What's Coming Up for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?
Well, we know (and wait very much) about the sourcebook detailing Lustria. This article is mostly on that. But, it also mentiones that Ubersreik Adventures III is coming. And new sourcebook Deft Steps, Light Fingers, which will detail more Rogues and Rangers (and things connected to those characters). Interesting.

Nordland Map - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Salzenmund - City and Silver
Those that have pre-ordered the book, should hopefully have this new map updated (downloads) detailing The Grand Barony of Nordland by Simon Wileman. It is very beatiful map. Article is also interesting. Wileman tells more about the creation of the sourcebook and why he was interested to give the Nordland and Salzenmund finally own sourcebook.

See more information from Official Cubicle 7: