30 July 2018

Important Strike to Stun Forum News!

Sad news for Warhammer community: Server Goddess, the keeper of Strike to Stun Forum, has informed us that StS Forum will be turning off the lights! And this will probably happen this year. This is very sad for the Warhammer community, which has lived LONG time in the StS.

Please read more detailed reasons for this decision from the StS: The future of StS: Eventually turning off the lights...

29 July 2018


If you didn't notice already Cubicle7 has published WFRP4 "Preview" version for Pre-orders. It is pretty much final product, but I think there will be many corrections still coming before it goes to printing. PDF does features final graphics, and I think all the rules are there... So, pretty much everything is there. And it looks good. Warhammer community blogs & sites will probably soon publish many reviews.

See more information from Official Cubicle 7:

21 July 2018

WFRP4 Preview - Magic (Cubicle7)

And more WFRP4 previews from Cubicle7: Magic. Magic (Arcane and Divine) always has important role in Warhammer world (even setting may not be "high magic"). Unstable, yet important power. Both players and their enemies need their spells. WFRP4 provides pretty good amount of spells. And system seems simple and with it's career-system probably works pretty well, when creating different magic-users. But, Warhammer setting is also very unique how the magic works and hopefully new system has addressed some of these things too (example: Are there penalties, when one tries to learn multiple Lores? Are there different bonuses, if you are College Wizard compared to Renegade Wizards or just Hedge Witches...etc).

See more from official site. Link below:

See more information from Official Cubicle 7:

13 July 2018

WFRP4 Preview - Fate and Fortune, Resilience and Resolve (Cubicle7)

More WFRP4 details from Cubicle7: WFRP4 Fate and Fortune, Resilience and Resolve. Fate and Fortune part is pretty familiar from previous editions. Resilience and Resolve are mental and physical drives and resistance. They seem to be points to resist/defy penalties for a moment.

See more from official site. Link below:

See more information from Official Cubicle 7:

ZWEIHÄNDER RPG - News (Grim And Perilous Studios)


First: ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG Forum is moving away from Strike To Stun Forum. New location is https://www.reddit.com/r/grimandperilous.

Second: ZWEIHÄNDER RPG and Grim and Perilous Studios are nominated for ENnie Awards 2018 (The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards official blog)! They are nominated for BEST GAME and PRODUCT OF THE YEAR (and you can also support them as FAN FAVORITE PUBLISHER). See more from official GrimAndPerilous site.

See more information from official:

06 July 2018

WFRP4 Preview - Class and Career (Cubicle7)

More WFRP4 details from Cubicle7: WFRP4 Classes and Careers. WFRP4 Careers are now organised into eight Classes (Academics, Burghers, Courtiers, Peasants, Rangers, Riverfolk, Rogues, Warriors). Core Rulebook will feature 8 Careers on each Class giving total 64 Careers. Interesting detail is, that each career now features 4 levels (or Tiers). So, now you can stay in the same career and move forward gaining new set of skills & talents, OR move to second career gaining new set of skills... and so on.

Careers are pretty "normal" basic set, featuring pretty much the normal WFRP starting careers. Future products will probably detail more various countries and Warhammer races and their careers. This is sad, because it will take time to get these more special careers. It would have been nice to have little more special careers to the start. Another thing is Advanced Careers - they seem to be gone now, as WFRP4 careers have 4 levels.

See more from official site. Link below:

See more information from Official Cubicle 7:

01 July 2018

Ulrika the Vampire: The Omnibus (Black Library)

More cheerful summer reading? Black Library continues their Warhammer Chronicles and is publishing grim and perilous adventures of Ulrika the Vampire from The World That Was. Former "girlfriend" of famous Felix Jaeger, and daughter of Kislevite hero and noble, lives now halflife of a vampire.

The Chronicles will include:
  • Bloodborn by Nathan Long
  • Bloodforged by Nathan Long
  • Bloodsworn by Nathan Long

Black Library: Ulrika the Vampire: The Omnibus