12 January 2022

Important Notice #1/2022!


As I have mentioned before there is "problems" with my sites Google Drive links. They have changed. This is caused by security update on Google Drive. I have updated the changed links as they have changed, and they should work now... But, I did notice few changes how they work.

Both files and pictures could be downloaded without Sign In (to Google).

1) Some links are NOT updated by Google Drive to the new format. I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure they will be forced eventually. So, I have to keep on checking this. But, for now - You should be able to download these files like before.
2) Now links that are updated can be previewed, but you need to Sign In with Google Account to download them. Example: You can use Chrome, where you have signed in and surf to my site, and from there to the download link.
3) Picture links seem to remain same and should work as they did before.

I have still received many requests because of the old links - and I'm answering to all of those. Here's few things you should check:
1) If you haven't got my answer, then check also your emails Trash and Spam folders just in case. My legit answer should be from kalevalahammer@gmail.com.
2) Also remember that links are NOT UPDATED on former posts. But, they ARE UPDATED in the navigation links on the left side of the site. Couple of pictures below. Example has WFRP4 career source, which should have working link.