09 September 2018

Warhammer Chronicles Omnibus Coming Soon (Black Library)

The good old Warhammer World-That-Was is not gone. Black Library is publishing more Warhammer Chronicles gathering old stories together. I decided to collect here this autumns books. See more from the official links to Black Library site:

Warhammer Chronicles: Masters Of Steel And Stone Omnibus
Availabe NOW
  • Grudge Bearer by Gav Thorpe
  • Oathbreaker by Nick Kyme
  • Honourkeeper by Nick Kyme
  • The Doom of Dragonback by Gav Thorpe

Warhammer Chronicles: Gotrek and Felix Volume 1 Omnibus
  • Trollslayer, Skavenslayer, Daemonslayer & Death and Glory by William King
  • A Place of Quiet Assembly by John Brunner
  • Blood Sport by Josh Reynolds
  • Kineater by Jordan Ellinger
  • Mind-Stealer by C L Werner
  • The book also includes Gotrek & Felix Gazetteer, a guide to the characters and locations of the series.
Warhammer Chronicles: Tyrion and Teclis Omnibus
  • Blood of Aenarion by William King
  • Sword of Caledor by William King
  • Bane of Malekith by William King

And then some Blood Bowl, which is partly the same world... Well, how ever do you wan't to see it...
A Bloodbowl Anthology: Death on the Pitch Omnibus
  • Manglers Never Lose by Josh Reynolds
  • Fixed by Robbie MacNiven
  • Da Bank Job by Andy Hall
  • The Hack Attack by Matt Forbeck
  • Mazlocke's Cantrip of Superior Substitution by Graeme Lyon
  • Pride and Penitence by Alex Worley
  • The Skeleton Key by David Annandale
  • Scrape to Victory by Gav Thorpe
  • Doc Morgrim's Vow by Josh Reynolds
  • A Last Sniff of Glory by David Guymer
  • Foul Play by Andy Hall
  • Hoppo's Pies by Guy Haley

Gotrek: Realmslayer - A Gotrek Gurnisson Series (Black Library)

Gotrek Gurnisson, the greatest slayer of the World-That-Was (or not so good, as he never found his doom). This cursed and blessed slayer found his doom or destiny at the end of the world, leaving behind his loyal companion Felix Jaeger. End of story... Or is it? No, Gotrek is back! He has been resurrected somehow to the Age of Sigmar and must continue his strange journey.

This autumn Gotrek's story continues in Black Library audio drama box written by David Guymer.

Black Library Coming Soon - Gotrek: Realmslayer