10 April 2016

Total War: Warhammer #6

"It is an age of endless conquest, thousands of warriors clash in titanic battles as entire races wage war on one another, each led by a formidable hero seeking dominion over the world." -text taken from the official site

As the release date approaches, more and more these updates seem to come. This is off course one of my favourites – Northmen. As the name says, this game play presents the forces of the Chaos Warriors. We got Chaos Marauders units, Chaos Giant, Hellcannons…

See more information from the Official site: Total War

06 April 2016

Total War: Warhammer novels

When the Age of Sigmar was released, the “old” Warhammer world novel range started to disappear from the Black Library and they started to focus on a stories supporting the new world. Old stories (classic Warhammer), those that still exist, can be found under Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Most are sold only as ebooks.

Now, as the Total War: Warhammer game is coming Black Library is celebrating forthcoming game with collections of classic Warhammer novels. Following books are being printed again:

Lord of Chaos by Rob Sanders. It collects Everchosen, Archaon: Lord of Chaos and Archaon: The Rise and the Fall.

The Emperor’s Armies by Chris Wraight. It collects Swords of Vengeance, Swords of Justice, Feast of Horrors and Duty and Honour.