27 September 2015

Warhammer World Sources

I hope you have noticed a new page on this site: Warhammer World Sources.

Inspired by topic in the StS forum I started to gather sources for various regions of Warhammer. These include both official and major fan-works. At the end of this list you will find also a list of settlement maps (again both official and fan-work).

04 September 2015

Total War: Warhammer #2

"It is an age of endless conquest, thousands of warriors clash in titanic battles as entire races wage war on one another, each led by a formidable hero seeking dominion over the world." -text taken from the official site

Remember to check out couple of new In-Engine Cinematic Trailers:
See more information from the Official site: Total War

03 September 2015

Man O' War: Corsair (Evil Twin Artwork)

"A captain in Man O’ War: Corsair can sail the coast of a huge continent in the Warhammer world. Visiting over 50 ports from Erengrad to Sartosa, the sea is yours to explore.

A heroic adventurer does not only have enemy ships to contend with. The deep and unexplored oceans hold terrifying creatures that few see and live to tell the tale.

These deadly creatures emerging from the deep sea will chill blood and drop jaws in equal measure. The wise would attempt to flee but those brave enough to tackle such creatures will be famed throughout the world.

Coming to PC in 2016

Here there be monsters…."

-text taken from the official site

New game from Evil Twin Artwork. See more from the official site: Man O’ War: Corsair