30 January 2019

WFRP4 - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition Errata Available (Cubicle7)

Cubicle7 has finally published WFRP4 Edition Errata. You can find it from DriveThruRPG. You need to login to find it there. And it can be found with Core Rulebook and Reikland Map.

Official Cubicle 7 News

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16 January 2019

Warhammer Chronicles: Warriors of the Chaos Wastes Omnibus (Black Library)

Black Library is publishing omnibus with couple of the best and darkest novels done for the World-That-Was. Warriors of Chaos Wastes Omnibus features Wulfrik, Blood for the Blood God and Palace of the Plague Lord from legendary C.L. Werner. These are dark and twisted tales from the wastes, where both mortals and daemons alike walk.

Official Black Library: Warriors of the Chaos Wastes Omnibus

09 January 2019

NEW Winds of Chaos Forum for WFRP !!! (Winds of Chaos)

As legendary Strike to Stun Warhammer Forums time is counting to the end (it will shutdown eventually and this is probably soon) new forum has started - Winds of Chaos. Huge thanks to Chuck for setting this up and hopefully collecting all the StS Warhammer fans there for future discussions and debates about our loved Warhammer.

Winds of Chaos Forum

Strike to Stun Forum Topic: New Forum at Winds of Chaos