26 March 2020

WFRP4 - Update and Shadows Over (Under) Bögenhafen from Cubicle (Cubicle7)

Cubicle7 post from Pádraig Murphy gives little update of the current status of their WFRP projects. Also, sewer rules from Shadows Over (or maybe more Under) Bögenhafen.

Official Cubicle 7 News: WFRP Update

Official Cubicle 7 News: Sewers

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20 March 2020

Fan - WFRP4 Articles (LAWHAMMER)

Here's more interesting fan-made work for the Warhammer. Hapimeses LAWHAMMER blog. It has huge amount of different articles, art, and also WFRP rules (and some amazing cartography too...).

Latest WFRP4 rules include Cats, Horses, Dogs, Cartography and Orcs.


WFRP4 - Hunting Monsters for Fun and Profit (Cubicle7)

Latest Cubicle7 blog post from from Pádraig Murphy goes to monsters hunting. Even it is a WFRP4 article, it has interesting ideas for any WFRP version.

Official Cubicle 7 News

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WFRP1 - Doomstones: Blood in Darkness (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Classic WFRP1 Doomstones Part 2: Blood in Darkness is published by Cubicle7 and you can get them from DriveThruRPG. See more from official news:

Official Cubicle7 News

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07 March 2020

Fan - Cartography in the Old World: The Empire Hexmap

I like to mention interesting and pretty amazing fan-made work for the Warhammer. This one you can found from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Reddit. It is pretty detailed The Empire Hexmap done by charlesfresh. You can find the links to find the map below.

Reddit discussion

High Resolution Map from Google Drive

02 March 2020

Cartography in the Old World (Warhammer Community)

This is interesting project mentioned now few times on the Warhammer Community. It seems they are bringing the Old World back for WFB - linked article mentions lore, art, rules and new models are coming. Article also had interesting and pretty nice map of the Old World (and Norsca). Check it out:

WARHAMMER - The Old World: Cartography

01 March 2020

Fan - Warhammer Blogs

Time to time I like to advertise good blogs and sites that provide interesting information or rules for Warhammer. Here's two interesting ones you should check: Graeme Davis official, which provides wide range of different articles. And then Liber Etcetera from Ben Scerri, which off course has WFRP4 articles.

Graeme Davis Official Blog

Liber Etcetera