25 January 2016

ZWEIHÄNDER - GM’s Corner: Social Intrigue system

art from: http://grimandperilous.com, with permission
New interesting update from ZWEIHÄNDER - A Grim and Perilous RPG: Social Intrigue System.

System presents two ways to handle these. The simply way, with just difficulty and normal dice rolls, and then the more complex way. Well, the "complex" version is not really that complex. It is pretty fast and easy too - yet, very innovative idea to handle these situations using both dice rolls and good old roleplaying. Just go and check it out!

05 January 2016

Creatures by Slaughter Margin (WFRP2)

Happy New Year! And something for the new year: Creatures by Slaughter Margin by Emil Heide

This is a fan material document made for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition (WFRP2). It lists all WFRP2 creatures by slaughter margin, provided that they have a slaughter margin and are from books published by Black Industries or Fantasy Flight Games.

Slaughter margin is a system introduced in Old World Bestiary. It is used to track combat difficulty.

You can find this document from WFRP2 Rules -page.