12 May 2021

WFRP4 - Patrons of the Old World II (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Cubicle7 has published new PDF resource called Patrons of the Old World II. Second part details four new NPC persons.

Also, interesting guest blog from Lance Anderson about playing WFRP on a virtual tabletop...

Official Cubicle 7 News - Patrons of the Old World II

Official Cubicle 7 News - From Tablettop to Desktop - Using Virtual Tabltops

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28 April 2021

WFRP4 - Latest news... (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Number of news from Cubicle7. Emmet Byrne goes through monthly Production Update April. Final parts of the TEW are coming this year (well expected PDF release). Then there is a another small post from Dave Allen named WFRP: Future Visions. And finally there is a new PDF only release stand alone adventure called Old World Adventures - Something Knocking.

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16 April 2021

WFRP4 - The Horned Rat: A New Shadow Spreading - Part1 (Cubicle7)

And the coundown to Cubicle7 published The Enemy Within Director's Cut, Volume 4: The Horned Rat starts. They have published teaser article what is coming. Volume 4 will be interesting part on this TEW Director's Cut, as it sounds that it will be different what the original version was. I don't know this, but sure sounds that much more man-sized rats will be involved... We will have to see where the story takes and how the campaign will continue to it's final part.
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08 April 2021

WFRP4 - A City in Flux: Altdorf’s Government and Aristocracy (Cubicle7)

Cubicle7 has published third article from the sourcebook Altdorf: Crown of the Empire. This blog post from Dave Allen is called A City in Flux - Altdorf's Government and Aristocracy. It talks about high-class, nobility and also foreign embassies. Little article, and more information about the subject can be found from the actual book.

Official Cubicle 7 News - Altdorf, A City in Flux #3

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