06 September 2019

Total War: WARHAMMER II - Gotrek & Felix DLC (SEGA & The Creative Assembly)

Legendary adventurers and heroes Gotrek & Felix are making their way into the Total War: WARHAMMER. Gotrek will functions as Lord, and Felix as a Hero that accompanies him. This way they can function as an army just by themselves, and they can be send around the world to adventure their own.

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Gotrek & Felix FAQ

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31 August 2019

Warhammer Games (Steam)

Time to time it's good to promote different Warhammer-based things. I have listed Warhammer World That Was games found from Steam. Some are very much alive and updated, others not so much. And there is also one Age of Sigmar game coming soon...

04 August 2019

ENnie Winners 2019: WFRP4 wins Gold!!! (Cubicle7 & ENnies)

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Rulebook (4th Edition) won GOLD ENnie Award 2019: Best Writing. Congratulations!

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25 July 2019

WFRP4 - Rough an’ (Almost) Ready (Cubicle7)

Cubicle7 post from Ben Scerri goes deeper to the Rough Nights & Hard Days adventure package. This is interesting set of old (and revised) adventures, that have been collected together. Interesting part is, that they can be easily played as a single adventures or entire set could be little campaign around the Reikland. Article gives ideas to Gamemaster how to run the adventures.

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18 July 2019

WFRP4 - Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne (Cubicle7)

More news from Cubicle7 about The Enemy Within Director's Cut Vol 3. Third part is called Power Behind the Throne (as it was originally) and there will be interesting Power Behind the Throne Companion too. Power Behind the Throne is probably the best part of the legendary TEW campaign and maybe the best WFRP adventure ever written.

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