22 April 2017

It Always Rains in Nuln (blog): Sharing is Caring!

I can only do my share of the sharing here :-) Xathrodox86, the keeper of the great Warhammer blog It Always Rains in Nuln is sharing huge amount of various Warhammer fan-products. See more from his article (direct link): Sharing is Caring! On the topic of my WFRP collection

02 April 2017

Total War: WARHAMMER II - Coming 2017

Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy is coming to second game. This time it's time to take the war to shores beyond Old World - High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen and a mysterious fourth race, yet to be revealed...

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - Announcement Cinematic Trailer

From official description:

The second in a trilogy and sequel to the award-winning Total War: WARHAMMER, Total War: WARHAMMER II brings players a breathtaking new narrative campaign, set across the vast continents of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth and the Southlands. The Great Vortex Campaign builds pace to culminate in a definitive and climactic endgame, an experience unlike any other Total War title to date.

Playing as one of 8 Legendary Lords across 4 iconic races from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, players must succeed in performing a series of powerful arcane rituals in order to stabilise or disrupt The Great Vortex, while foiling the progress of the other races. Each Legendary Lord has a unique geographical starting position, and each race offers a distinctive new playstyle with unique campaign mechanics, narrative, methods of war, armies, monsters, Lores of Magic, legendary characters, and staggering new battlefield bombardment abilities.

Shortly after launch, owners of both the original game and Total War™ WARHAMMER II will gain access to the colossal new combined campaign. Merging the landmasses of The Old World plus Naggaroth, Lustria, Ulthuan and the Southlands into a single epic map, players may embark on monumental campaigns as any owned Race from both titles.

See more info from official Total War Twitter and from the official Total War Blog.

11 March 2017

Nordland story

It is time to publish another story from Hamza Changazi (aka Kolsveinn), a great Norsca-fan, who has written a great story about the Norse titled: Nordland. It is a story about mysterious boy, who meets group of Northmen reavers (Norse) and what happens after that. I love this story and the characters. It really leaves you wanting to read more about them. Direct link to story below and it can also be found from my Norsca -page.



28 February 2017

Total War: WARHAMMER - Bretonnia DLC

The greatest of the Warhammer knights are here. The mighty Kingdom of Bretonnia joins the Total War: WARHAMMER! It is a new "race" for Grand Campaign. Bretonnia is the land ruled by the mighty warrior-king and administered by number of dukedoms. Bretonnian society revolves around a deeply ingrained code of chivalry, and her people offer fealty to their Goddess, The Lady of The Lake. It is said that a Knight who distinguishes himself through honourable deeds may earn her blessing.

Bretonnia embarks on campaigns as three new Legendary Lords:

  • Louen Leoncouer (Bretonnia)
  • Alberic (Bordeleaux)
  • The Fay Encanthress (Carcassonne).

Unit roster
The Bretonnia unit roster is built around a core of powerful mounted knights, supported by peasant melee and ranged infantry, inexpensive yeoman cavalry, field trebuchets, religious zealots and puissant icons of The Lady.

Melee Infantry
Peasant Mob
Foot Squires
Men at arms
Men-At-Arms (Shields)
Men-At-Arms (Polearms)
Grail Reliquae
Battle Pilgrims

Ranged infantry
Peasant Bowmen
Peasant Bowmen (Fire Arrows)
Peasant Bowmen (Pox Arrows)

Melee Cavalry
Mounted Yeomen
Knights Errant
Knights Of The Realm
Questing Knights
Grail Knights
Grail Guardians

Ranged cavalry
Mounted Yeomen Archers

Flying Cavalry
Pegasus Knights
Royal Pegasus Knights
Royal Hippogryph Knights

Field Trebuchet
Blessed Field Trebuchet

See much more information from the official site or from the Steam (links below). If you have Total War: Warhammer, then this DLC is free to download.
Actual game picture from Total War: WARHAMMER. Picture taken by Jackdays.
Actual game picture from Total War: WARHAMMER. Picture taken by Jackdays.
Actual game picture from Total War: WARHAMMER. Picture taken by Jackdays.
See more info from official Total War Twitter and from the Official Site: Total War. Also from official Steam Total War: WARHAMMER.