07 January 2017

Chaos Runes Font

Happy New Year 2017!

What would be better way to start a new year, than a new great addition to rules. Ultrajosua has made a opentype font about dreaded and blasphemous Chaos Runes. This is great looking stuff to use in  handouts, Chaos related sourcebooks...etc.

Chaos Runes Font

You can also comment about subject in the Strike to Stun forum topic.

12 December 2016

It Always Rains in Nuln: Surprise Interview with William King!

Warhammer Fantasy fan-society is active! Xathrodox86 has managed to get surprise interview from legendary William King! For me this person is very important Warhammer writer, as he started the classical Gotrek & Felix -saga (see more from my timeline project about them). Besides Gotrek & Felix stories, he has written many other stories also, not featuring Warhammer. You can see more about his works from his official site (link below). But, first check out Xathrodox86 interview from his great site It Always Rains in Nuln:

An early holiday present: surprise interview with William King!

William King Official Site

09 December 2016

Awesome Lies - Retro musings on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Gideon has decided to set up a new blog for posting WFRP material and related thoughts. It's focus is first edition. He has posted there a WFRP conversion of the classic D&D adventure Night's Dark Terror. This is very interesting product featuring also new rules, like Animism and Spirits. And more articles seems to be coming, like Lost Warhammer: Tetsubo.

AWESOME LIES | Retro Musings on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

and more discussions on Strike to Stun forum.

28 November 2016

Rune Expansion

Rune Expansion (version 1.5) is here! I have divided Rune Expansion rules for different WFRP editions to different documents now. Also rules are expanded featuring following:
  • New runes (both Master and normal). Also runes will feature the multiple rune rule, that was used in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition: Dwarfs.
  • Anvil of Doom rules
  • Holy Rune Items rule (inspired by Gotrek's Axe)
  • Mighty Rune Artefact rule (inspired by items like Ghal Maraz)
  • Bestiary: Rune Guardian
You can find different rules from following links:
WFRP1 Rune Expansion Rules
WFRP2 Rune Expansion Rules
WFRP3 Rune Expansion Rules
WFRP3 Rune Expansion Cards