15 June 2015

The Age of Sigmar Is Coming

These were the End Times. The world is no more, torn apart by treachery and Chaos. And yet... endings beget beginnings.
Listen carefully. Can you hear it? The cruel laughter of dark gods? It dances on the winds between worlds, striving to be heard, for the ruinous powers bore easily, and they seek tirelessly for new realities to conquer. Where there is life, Chaos will find it, and misery and bloodshed will soon follow.
The world is gone, but all may not be lost.
The descendants of the Old Ones left before the Chaos moon destroyed their homelands, that much is certain. But where did they go?
And if they escaped, did anyone else?
Can what is dead ever truly die?
Who remains lost in the void?
To what does he cling?
And when a world dies…
…what happens next?

What happens to the Warhammer Fantasy after The End Times? Yep, this is what all of us fans want to know - and also fear. But, it seems that this summer we will have answers, good or bad ones.

Keep checking more information from the official Games Workshop site.

24 May 2015

Happy Birthday this site!

 Happy Birthday this site! Kalevala Hammer is now eight years old.

This site started originally in web address http://www.freewebs.com/kalevalahammer on 24th May 2007. Little less than five years later, on 14th January 2012, web address changed to http://kalevalahammer.webs.com. On 2nd April 2014 site moved to its current web address. So, ever since 2007 Kalevala Hammer -site has served the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay community.

And a lot has happened. When site started, people were still talking about Storm of Chaos. WFRP2 was still "new". As was WFB7. Then WFRP2 official line ended and came WFRP3. Also came WFB8. Now WFRP3 official line has ended too (and it seems that official WFB8 also). There was final issue of legendary Warpstone Magazine, that has served the community for ages. And then came The End Times and the Warhammer world was destroyed...

There are much rumours about the future of Warhammer. Probably there will be a new version of WFB, but what type of game will that be? And, what kind of a world will be there? Will there be WFRP4? Well, all these remains to be seen.

16 May 2015

WFRP2: Gotrek & Felix, version 1.0

Gotrek & Felix. Dwarfen Slayer and his human Rememberer. Legendary Warhammer heroes.

I have been building WFRP2 stats for these two heroes for a long time. And now, finally, here it is. As the long journey of these two iconic Warhammer characters finally ends, and the doom of the Slayer is waiting, I present their stats (unofficial of course). You can find the document also from WFRP2 Rules -page.

WFRP2: Gotrek & Felix
See more information about the pair from my site:
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To purchase their stories visit Black Library: Gotrek & Felix
Picture from Black Library

23 April 2015

Total War: Warhammer

"It is an age of endless conquest, thousands of warriors clash in titanic battles as entire races wage war on one another, each led by a formidable hero seeking dominion over the world."

See more information from following sources. You want to see the trailer:
Official site: Total War
Steam site: Total War: Warhammer (with trailer)
Youtube: Total War: Warhammer (Announcement Cinematic Trailer)