04 February 2024

WFRP4 - tribes and Tribulations (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Aaa... New Year, new Warhammer books. Cubicle7 is publishing Tribes and Tribulations - A Guide to Brutal Warlords, Warbands, and Monsters, which is actually sourcebook about Greenskins. Interesting choise, but not bad one. Something some of us have been creating ourselves too... Cubicle 7 has also published various information and rules about Greenskins in many of their books already. This just collects all of that and much more together.

Book has basic knowledge and stats for all the Greenskin tribes: Goblins (Normal, Gnoblars, Forest, Night), Orcs (Normal, Savage), Black Orcs, Hobgoblins, Snotlings. With templates of various types/careers (and experience levels) for the Greenskins. From these you can easily and fast make any type of Greenskins. This template system has been presented on their other products too. Works.

Besides stats, you get Greenskin names, stats for their mounts, information about Ogres (we already had those) and Trolls (with various options and sub-species - Entire chapter), six different Greenskin tribes/bands with detailed information, Waaagh! Magic (Little and Big), Greenskin nemeses ideas, and various general information.

This is good sourcebook, again. But, there are also things that book is missing:
- One thing I wanted to be there, and is missing, are some rules (Trait) about Waaagh! energy. The mysterious raw collective psychic energy that fuels the Greenskin spells and unites the Greenskin tribes to violent rampage. Rules how it affects Greenskins and what bonuses it gives to them. Rules do speak of Waaagh! energy and how it works with their spellcasting, but they are still missing opportunity to use the Trait system make Greenskins even more unique.
- Book could have had more information about various mushrooms the Greenskins like to eat. I know there is information about those on other books too, but this would have been nice place to collect those...
- And is some Greenskin types/variations missing? Even those found from the previous official sources?

Maybe I'll have to check my own old Greenskin project (never finished) if it gives some ideas to expand little this sourcebook... You can find more information about the book & pdf from Cubicle 7 official site/blog (links below).

See more information from Official Cubicle 7: