30 June 2022

WFRP4 - Salzenmund - City of Salt and Silver (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Cubicle7 has published excellent citybooks, with nice maps and huge amount of details, characters (with pictures), hooks and other ideas. First came Ubersreik (visited also on WFRP3 sourcebooks), which has expanded with various adventures. Then I think came Middenheim as part of TEW Director's Cut. Middenheim was old friend from WFRP1 and WFRP2 (and also WFRP3), but still it had new look and much more details. Then finally came book about Altdorf, which is featured on many adventures and stories (ok, there was small sourcebook about Altdorf as part of WFRP2 Paths of the Damned). But, now we finally got to unexplored territory - Salzenmund (and Nordland). And it is another excellent city sourcebook.

Salzenmund - City of Salt and Silver. Why Salzenmund? Well, why not - It connects nicely to the current events considering Civil Strife. Also, it is very intersting place as the Norland controls The Imperial Second Fleet and it is connected to the Sea of Claws (and this way everywhere). Like all the Cubicle7 books, this is full of nice art. Many pictures (and also map) about the city give nice idea about the place.

Here's some topics from the book about Salzenmund:
- History and current situation
- Rulers
- The Military
- Law
- Magic
- Religion
- Non-Humans
- City Districts detailed
- Secrets of Salzenmund...
- And many persons from the Salzenmund with details and pictures

But, that is not all. Book also has:
- Details about The Grand Barony of Nordland
- Gazetteer of Nordland
- Forests Spirits
- Mining
- Goblins
- Smuggling
- And finally Nordland Characters

And after all that, there are still even more details and information on the book. And from the TEW campaign books you will find even more information about the current political situation of Nordland.

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14 June 2022

WFRP4 - Winds of Magic (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

I finally got some time to go through the new Winds of Magic (WFRP4) from Cubicle7. It was published few weeks ago (PDF version). Like previous editions versions it provides again various updated rules and information, and is also again little different than previous versions. Each and every one of them has little different focus on them detailing different aspects of magic. But, like other Cubicle7 sourcebooks, this is very good package of rules.

The focus on sourcebook is the Winds of Magic and Colleges. So, no Dark Magic here. Necromancy and Chaos probably will get some own sourcebooks one day (hopefully soon...). And also no foreign magic is given here (like Rune Magic, Kislev Ice Magic, Bretonnian Damnsels, Skaven magic, Greenskin magic...etc.) or Hedge-magic. Some of those have been detailed some amount in various other sourcebooks already published.

What does the book offer then? Well, still a lot. Here's some:
- Revised Spellcasting Rules
- New Spells and Ritual Magic Rules
- New Endeavours
- New Careers. Each Wind gets own career. Besides Wizards there are couple of other interesting careers. Also, each Wind is detailed, with various new rules.
- Magical Items.
- Magical Creatures (like Magical Constructs).
- Then different magical rules. Like environmental saturations, Storms of Magic, Leylines, Waystones, Arcane Fulcrums, Strange magical places...
- And finally number of personel, both possible allies and powerful nemeses.

Besides this sourcebook you should also check following products from Cubicle7:
- Sullasara's Spells off Unrivalled Utility (PDF). This offers additional spells for College Wizards.
- Blood and Bramble (PDF). Source for Witches and Hedgewitches.
- Archives of the Empire - Volume II (Sourcebook). It has chapter for Magical Items and Artifice.

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