22 December 2022

WFRP4 - Archives of the Empire Volume III (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Cubicle7 new book is third Archives of the Empire. Like previous ones, it is package of different articles, rules (or advanced rules), careers and other information. These are always interesting and expand the rules we have. They are not tied to region or anything else and this way you can add any rules in to one package. To find some specific rule from various sourcebooks might eventually get little difficult... But, these are still good rulebooks. So, what we have now:

- Legitimate Business Enterprises. This is interesting article with rules. If characters want to start some type of enterprise (there are many different examples here) you got number of rules how that might work (or not work). Basically earn money from something else than adventuring, or during the time periods between. Besides general rules, each enterprise type has it's own details (and even some adventure hooks). And you also get few examples (with secrets).
- Expanded armour rules. You got armour fitting rules, damage rules, stealth rules, repairing rules, and finally expanded armour list.
- The Cult of Handrich, with Cult Priest career and miracles.
- The Cult of Khaine. No careers or miracles.
- The Cult of Solkan, with Cult Priest career and miracles.
- Cult of the Old Faith. No careers or miracles, but there are rules for careers and blessings found from Core Rulebook. And there are plenty of good background information.
- Hedgecraft. Good amount of information and spells.
- The Cult of Rhya, with Cult Priestess career and Miracles.
- Magical Animal Familiars. Rules and animal stats.
- Altdorf background(s) for Characters.
- Alternative Channelling rules. Each Lore has number of details.
- And then some NPC.

Besides all mentioned, there are a lot of small details and background information scattered to different articles and chapters.

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18 September 2022

WFRP4 - Sea of Claws (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Cubicle7 has done, again, a amazing sourcebook! This time it takes us to perilous waters of the Sea of Claws (and also any other seas). Sea of Claws is sourcebook about the lands surrounding the Sea of Claws, sea that lies between land of Norsca and the nations of the Old World. But, it is also sourcebook about sea travel and various rules connected to that. Personally I find it very interesting as it has alot of Norsca information. And there are also so many small details, that must be either added, or maybe little changed, on my Norsca Projects. But, more that later, when I start doings the changes...

The book is full of information. So, what we got here? Well, first there is the history. Then details about various locations on the shores of the Sea of Claws. Each location has interesting places, details, adventure hooks, personel... Besides this information there are other details (see more below). After locations, you got huge amount of rules. Below the list what you will get.

- History and current situation
- Bretonnia and the Wasteland (this includes Marienburg, Sea Magics, Elves...)
- The Ostland Coast
- The Troll Country (Throgg the Troll King, The Sarl Coast...)
- Kraka Ravnsvake (Norse Dwarf Characters, Dwarf Navy, Ungruvalk...)
- Religion
- The Skaeling Coast (information about Norse, The Skaelings, Kirkjugardur Landgskipa, Norse Characters - Bjornlings, Sarl, Skaelings, Norse Careers...)
- The Bjornling Coast (Wind Effects, Skjold...)

But, that is not all. Book also has following rules:
- The Seafarer Class (New Talents, New Careers including Sailor-Priest of Manann...)
- The Cult of Manann (with Miracles)
- The Cult of Stromfels (with Priest of Stromfels career and Miracles of Stromfels...)
- Boats and Boatbuilding (ship building rules, traits, upgrades, artillery...)
- Seafaring (manoeuvres, weather, navigation, chasing and racings, collisions, damaging boats, repairing boats, boat critical hits...)
- Sailing Larger Vessels (crew tests, morale..)
- Extended Voyages (events, endeavours at sea, maritime trade...)
- Gazetteer of Ports around the Sea of Claws
- Gazetteer of International Ports
- Bestiary (including famous personel)

+ There is a map of Sea of Claws too, but I personally recommend using my Norsca Map, which I do have to update after this. I also have very fitting Whaler Career on my WFRP4 Rules for any adventures in Sea of Claws.

Sea of Claws - Great work, great sourcebook!

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26 July 2022

WFRP4 - Charioteer

Something new from me. Inspired by Up In Arms WFRP4 sourcebook. New WFRP4 career: Charioteer.

Ok, you probably wondering who even uses chariots for war on current Warhammer timeline? Well, answer is that actually many: High Elves, Druchii, Greenskins, Beastmen, Tomb Kings, and finally the Northmen (even the Norse). Probably some other cultures, not so much detailed, might use chariots too. And Charioteer career is also good for any military type usage of vehicles, like The Empire War Wagons.

But, document isn't just one career. It features couple of new Talents to make this career even more unique. It also has expanded vehicle stats for various chariot types and The Empire War Wagons. And few expanded / missing vehicle combat rules to make that more interesting.

WFRP4 Career: Charioteer, Version 1.0 (PDF).

30 June 2022

WFRP4 - Salzenmund - City of Salt and Silver (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Cubicle7 has published excellent citybooks, with nice maps and huge amount of details, characters (with pictures), hooks and other ideas. First came Ubersreik (visited also on WFRP3 sourcebooks), which has expanded with various adventures. Then I think came Middenheim as part of TEW Director's Cut. Middenheim was old friend from WFRP1 and WFRP2 (and also WFRP3), but still it had new look and much more details. Then finally came book about Altdorf, which is featured on many adventures and stories (ok, there was small sourcebook about Altdorf as part of WFRP2 Paths of the Damned). But, now we finally got to unexplored territory - Salzenmund (and Nordland). And it is another excellent city sourcebook.

Salzenmund - City of Salt and Silver. Why Salzenmund? Well, why not - It connects nicely to the current events considering Civil Strife. Also, it is very intersting place as the Norland controls The Imperial Second Fleet and it is connected to the Sea of Claws (and this way everywhere). Like all the Cubicle7 books, this is full of nice art. Many pictures (and also map) about the city give nice idea about the place.

Here's some topics from the book about Salzenmund:
- History and current situation
- Rulers
- The Military
- Law
- Magic
- Religion
- Non-Humans
- City Districts detailed
- Secrets of Salzenmund...
- And many persons from the Salzenmund with details and pictures

But, that is not all. Book also has:
- Details about The Grand Barony of Nordland
- Gazetteer of Nordland
- Forests Spirits
- Mining
- Goblins
- Smuggling
- And finally Nordland Characters

And after all that, there are still even more details and information on the book. And from the TEW campaign books you will find even more information about the current political situation of Nordland.

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14 June 2022

WFRP4 - Winds of Magic (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

I finally got some time to go through the new Winds of Magic (WFRP4) from Cubicle7. It was published few weeks ago (PDF version). Like previous editions versions it provides again various updated rules and information, and is also again little different than previous versions. Each and every one of them has little different focus on them detailing different aspects of magic. But, like other Cubicle7 sourcebooks, this is very good package of rules.

The focus on sourcebook is the Winds of Magic and Colleges. So, no Dark Magic here. Necromancy and Chaos probably will get some own sourcebooks one day (hopefully soon...). And also no foreign magic is given here (like Rune Magic, Kislev Ice Magic, Bretonnian Damnsels, Skaven magic, Greenskin magic...etc.) or Hedge-magic. Some of those have been detailed some amount in various other sourcebooks already published.

What does the book offer then? Well, still a lot. Here's some:
- Revised Spellcasting Rules
- New Spells and Ritual Magic Rules
- New Endeavours
- New Careers. Each Wind gets own career. Besides Wizards there are couple of other interesting careers. Also, each Wind is detailed, with various new rules.
- Magical Items.
- Magical Creatures (like Magical Constructs).
- Then different magical rules. Like environmental saturations, Storms of Magic, Leylines, Waystones, Arcane Fulcrums, Strange magical places...
- And finally number of personel, both possible allies and powerful nemeses.

Besides this sourcebook you should also check following products from Cubicle7:
- Sullasara's Spells off Unrivalled Utility (PDF). This offers additional spells for College Wizards.
- Blood and Bramble (PDF). Source for Witches and Hedgewitches.
- Archives of the Empire - Volume II (Sourcebook). It has chapter for Magical Items and Artifice.

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24 May 2022

Happy Birthday Kalevala Hammer!

Happy Birthday this site! Site is now 15 years old.

So, how was the last Warhammer year? Well, I would say it's been pretty good year. Cubicle7 Entertainment keeps publishing WFRP4 material strongly providing great sourcebooks, adventures and accessories. Small pdf sources and big books. The Enemy Within (TEW) Directors Cut with Companion books is just amazing package. Old classic, yet new in many ways giving so much more information and ideas. The Imperial Zoo, Up In Arms, The Winds of Magic all great sourcebooks to expand the Core Rules. Still there is so much more Warhammer to explore, so interested to see where they are going next.

There is other games too. Total War: Warhammer part III (separared from I and II) explores the World-That-Was further going finally to The Grand Cathay. Then we got Age of Sigmar Soulbound, where RPG is growing too (even not World-That-Was game)... And time to time even I update something new here. As do many other fans on their sites, blogs...etc. So, Warhammer lives strong!

Remember to visit Winds of Chaos -forum. Also, more talk on Rat Catchers' Guild Discord channel and on Warhammer Reddit.

And as always - Remember to keep the hammer high! Cheers J

14 April 2022

WFRP4 - Production Update (Cubicle7)

Cubicle7 has published news on past weeks especially about future products. Many interesting sourcebooks are coming. Here's some news gathered together:

Future Products:
Official Cubicle 7 News: April C7 Product Update
Official Cubicle 7 News: Future Visions: New and Improved Precognitions

Background Information about Cult of Myrmidia:
Official Cubicle 7 News: WFRP Up in Arms- The Cult of Myrmidia

Also digital maps available now:
Official Cubicle 7 News: WFRP Digital Map Packs – Out Now!

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27 March 2022

WFRP4 - Up In Arms: Pre-Order (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Cubicle7 published PDF version of Up In Arms sourcebooks - "A grim and perilous guide for knights, mercenaries, and soldiers of all stripes." Meaning sourcebook for warrior-types.

There is some background information about military life, knightly orders, and dogs of war (mercenaries). Then you have nice set of various information and new rules for all the warriors. There is updated and clarified rules for mounted combat, a guide to Hirelings, updated siege weapon rules (including damage to structures), more pursuit rules, warrior endeavours, new and updated talents... etc. And a large number of new careers monstly for warriors, but some others too. Careers include: Archer, Greatsword, Halberdier, Handgunner, Camp Follower, Freelance, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Knight of the White Wolf, Pikeman, Priest of Myrmidia, and more...

But that is not all. Book also has A guide to lands of Tilea (map would be nice, but you can find it from this site too), detailed introduction to the Cult of Myrmidia, updated rules for Critical Wounds and Injuries, and very large new list of equipment and weapons. Weapons have new Qualities and Flaws, which has given possibility to create much more different weapon profiles expanding weapon list (example: Hand Weapon is now divided to various 1-h weapon types with different profiles). This is really good list, but it could have had just few more weapons...

Official Cubicle 7 News

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20 February 2022

WFRP4 - Whaler & Slaver

Hi! I'm publishing couple of new career for WFRP4. This time you get fearless Whaler (sea monster hunter) and dreaded Slaver (merchant of other peoples lives). And why these careers? Well, they might be part of something bigger that is coming...

WFRP4 Career: Whaler, Version 1.0 (PDF).

WFRP4 Career: Slaver, Version 1.0 (PDF).

10 February 2022

WFRP4 - The Imperial Zoo Pre-Order Live! (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

You can pre-order WFRP4 The Imperial Zoo (and you can get PDF straight away with that). To give short description The Imperial Zoo is a Bestiary or Monster Compendium of huge number of Warhammer beasts. But, it is much more too. Each bestiary entry has good description and stats that feature much more traits (new traits also) than presented on the WFRP4 Core Rulebook. Many entries also feature example creature, with name. And that is not all. Book also features stories and example characters. And even that is not all...

At the end of the book is Appendices, which feature gory riches that can be "harvested" from the creatures. It also has potions, unguents, weapons, armour and other magical items. And this is interesting - it has simple rules how to create these, including magical items. See official news below for more.

Official Cubicle 7 News - The Imperial Zoo Pre-Order Live!

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12 January 2022

Important Notice #1/2022!


As I have mentioned before there is "problems" with my sites Google Drive links. They have changed. This is caused by security update on Google Drive. I have updated the changed links as they have changed, and they should work now... But, I did notice few changes how they work.

Both files and pictures could be downloaded without Sign In (to Google).

1) Some links are NOT updated by Google Drive to the new format. I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure they will be forced eventually. So, I have to keep on checking this. But, for now - You should be able to download these files like before.
2) Now links that are updated can be previewed, but you need to Sign In with Google Account to download them. Example: You can use Chrome, where you have signed in and surf to my site, and from there to the download link.
3) Picture links seem to remain same and should work as they did before.

I have still received many requests because of the old links - and I'm answering to all of those. Here's few things you should check:
1) If you haven't got my answer, then check also your emails Trash and Spam folders just in case. My legit answer should be from kalevalahammer@gmail.com.
2) Also remember that links are NOT UPDATED on former posts. But, they ARE UPDATED in the navigation links on the left side of the site. Couple of pictures below. Example has WFRP4 career source, which should have working link.