03 March 2024

WFRP4 - Psychology: Mental Health, Version 1.0 (PDF)

Something new and mind-blowing, literally. Can WFRP4 experience get even more grim and perilous? Yes, it can. Remember Insanity Rules and Disorders from WFRP1 and WFRP2? Well, I do and I was missing these rules in WFRP4. Missing more detailed sanity rules in a world of horrors and monsters. So, I decided to bring sanity rules back, updated.

These rules are actually pretty compatible with previous editions too, if you prefer playing with them.

So, what will you find from my rules:
- First new thing is, that there is no fixed number of sanity points like in previous editions. There is a new sanity meter, which is called Mental Health points and derived from characters Willpower Bonus. This way characters Mental Health amount can actually become better by experience. Character gains Insanity Points and this is subtracted from current Mental Health points (like Damage and Wounds). If you Mental Health points go below zero, then it is Disorder time. As in previous editions. Resilience is your friend here...
- Not to be too harsh, there is also ideas how characters may get some of the lost Mental Health back too.
- I have listed number of ways to lose Mental Health and this chapter also has some rules about gaining (or not gaining) Insanity Points.
- Then the feared Disorders (or new Psychological Traits). Familiar from previous editions, with some gaming mechanics to handle them.
- And finally chapter about "curing" the Insanities with familiar methods, updated. And with Magic and Miracles. By the way - there is no easy way to "magically" get these away in this edition...

You can find the rules from following link, or from WFRP4 Rules page:
Psychology: Mental Health, Version 1.0 (PDF)