21 February 2016

The End Times Timeline, Version 0.3

No, I haven't forget this project. New versions keep coming as I keep reading the novels and sourcebooks, AND have energy to continue this doomed timeline... This version is The End Times Timeline, Version 0.3 and it features years from 2521 to 2526. The most active years in The End Times are really 2524 and 2525, when many events happen simultaneously.

You can find The End Times Timeline and The End Times Map from the Universal Rules & Timelines -page.

18 February 2016

Remember Black Industries?

Remember Black Industries? They were the ones that published Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition back in the day... You can find out about their history from wikipedia article about Black Industries.

Black Industries actually had very nice site, with huge number of free-to-download scenarios, gaming aids, career pamphlets, handouts, fan material, wallpapers, maps, articles and expansions for the WFRP2. If you are interested, well here it is! Thanks to Internet Archive: Wayback Machine you can visit the site as it once were: Black Industries Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

14 February 2016

Warhammer Lore

I decided to collect various Warhammer lore sites to one list. These are all wiki-sites and feature various knowledge about Warhammer world, games and novels. Sites have huge number of articles covering timelines, armies, races, famous persons, sites and places, items, magic, religion...etc. Besides these sites, there are some other sites too with wikis, covering information about different games based on the Warhammer world.

Warhammer Fantasy Wiki
Lexicanum - WHFB
Warhamme Online wiki

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Wikipedia
Warhammer Fantasy Battle Wikipedia
List of Warhammer Fantasy novels
List of Games Workshop video games

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Wikipedia