WFRP4 Rules

Character Encumbrance and Size Rules, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Optional Encumbrance and Size rules for WFRP4.

Expanded Weapon Rules, version 1.0 (.pdf)
More weapon stats and rules for WFRP4.

Hit Locations & Barding, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Hit Locations to all types of creatures. Wing Critical Wounds. Simple Barding rules for creatures from all sizes.

Psychology: Mental Health, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Optional sanity rules for WFRP4.

Animal Trainer, version 1.0 (.pdf)
New Career, Talent and rules for WFRP4.

Charioteer, version 1.0 (.pdf)
New Career, Talents and vehicle rules for WFRP4.

Druidic Priest of the Old Faith, version 1.0 (.pdf)
New Career and Spirit Familiar rules for WFRP4.

Slaver, version 1.0 (.pdf)
New Career for WFRP4.

Whaler, version 1.0 (.pdf)
New Career and weapon rules for WFRP4.

Nuln & Wissenland & Sudenland Characters, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Regional character profiles for WFRP4.