31 July 2015

Nuln Maps, Version 2.1

I have updated Nuln maps. There are some new locations from couple of new sources and then some changes to the old ones. You can find the maps from the Nuln -page.

The End Times, Part IV: Thanquol (WFB campaign book):
  • Watch-stations are also called as the "Black Towers"
  • Some new Watch-stations ("Black Towers")
  • Folly's Quarter
  • Marktplatz (C107)
  • Sump Docks (C108)
  • Morr's Hill (C109)
  • The Last Hope Inn (C110)
  • Grunplatz (C111)
  • River Navy Docks (F10)
  • Krupthof Foundry (F48)
Warpstone 29: Joust for Fun (fan magazine):
  • Some new noble estates.
  • The Great Field, Tourney Grounds, is location G16, just outside Der Halbinsel.
Gotrek & Felix: Road of Skulls (novel):
  • Plaza of Saints (B62)
Changes to the old locations:
  • Many of the Watch-stations ("Black Towers") have changed their locations. This is based on the information from The End Times, Part IV: Thanquol.
  • The Great Cathedral of Sigmar changed its location, with the temple of Myrmidia. Chapterhouse of Knights Griffon has now new location also. This is based on the information from The End Times, Part IV: Thanquol.
  • Vogelhaus Weg moved little further from its former location to remain in Niederfluss District.
  • New Marktplatz (C107) changed the look of the area from where it is located, next to gate X3. This is based on the information from The End Times, Part IV: Thanquol.
  • Emmanuelleplatz - Westway - Grand Strasse. How many names a favorite street may have? This is based on the information from The End Times, Part IV: Thanquol. My story would be, that originally this was "just" Westway. Kind of boring name. Then later on some Count decided to name the street Grand Strasse. Now, when Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz was born, the old Count decided to name the street as Emmanuelleplatz. Which doesn't even mean street, but plaza. But the Grand Strasse is basicly one big plaza where different merchants sell their wares all day long from the Great Bridge all the way to Aldig Quarter hill.

28 July 2015

WFRP2: Gotrek & Felix, version 1.1

Gotrek & Felix. Dwarfen Slayer and his human Rememberer. Legendary Warhammer heroes.

I have updated little Gotrek & Felix stats (version 1.1). Nothing huge, just some details:
  • Added Mighty Rune Artifact specialty to Gotrek's Axe. This specialty is a rule, which breaks the Rune magic rules. With this, the axe hides now also a lost Master Rune of Unbinding. This rune was revealed in the Slayer novel.
  • Gotrek now also has the Secret Language (the Mine Code) -skill. Skill which is mentioned in a few novels.

WFRP2: Gotrek & Felix

14 July 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: A Grim World of Perilous Adventure

As the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar has come and the old Warhammer is just wasted, comes to mind, will the old Warhammer survive? I hope the old Warhammer somehow survives and lives with the help of it's fans. Hopefully some new gamers (both RPG and WFB), and fantasy readers will find it in the future too and become interested.


There are three decades of good stuff written and a huge amount of knowledge, rich history and background stories to be used in games (novels, three editions of WFRP, eight editions of WFB, other games, White Dwarf magazines, Warpstone magazines, fan-stuff...etc). Also, I especially hope that the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay survives these radical changes.

More about Warhammer history, see also my WFRP history -page.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is here...

So, the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is here ("Mighty battles in an age of unending war"). And it looks REALLY BAD. I mean Warhammer Fantasy has always been one of the best fantasy world settings ever made, and now this. Why? Well, the internet and various forums are full of all kinds of speculations. I won't go to those. Truth is, the good old Warhammer (grim and perilous) settings is now history and this new terrible high fantasy world setting is the new reboot. So, all that history and knowledge is wasted. Yes, there are stuff/persons (gods) that connect this new age to the one before The End Times, but still - this is totally new setting.

You can find (if you want to) more official information about the products...etc from Games Workshop and Black Library.