22 December 2022

WFRP4 - Archives of the Empire Volume III (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Cubicle7 new book is third Archives of the Empire. Like previous ones, it is package of different articles, rules (or advanced rules), careers and other information. These are always interesting and expand the rules we have. They are not tied to region or anything else and this way you can add any rules in to one package. To find some specific rule from various sourcebooks might eventually get little difficult... But, these are still good rulebooks. So, what we have now:

- Legitimate Business Enterprises. This is interesting article with rules. If characters want to start some type of enterprise (there are many different examples here) you got number of rules how that might work (or not work). Basically earn money from something else than adventuring, or during the time periods between. Besides general rules, each enterprise type has it's own details (and even some adventure hooks). And you also get few examples (with secrets).
- Expanded armour rules. You got armour fitting rules, damage rules, stealth rules, repairing rules, and finally expanded armour list.
- The Cult of Handrich, with Cult Priest career and miracles.
- The Cult of Khaine. No careers or miracles.
- The Cult of Solkan, with Cult Priest career and miracles.
- Cult of the Old Faith. No careers or miracles, but there are rules for careers and blessings found from Core Rulebook. And there are plenty of good background information.
- Hedgecraft. Good amount of information and spells.
- The Cult of Rhya, with Cult Priestess career and Miracles.
- Magical Animal Familiars. Rules and animal stats.
- Altdorf background(s) for Characters.
- Alternative Channelling rules. Each Lore has number of details.
- And then some NPC.

Besides all mentioned, there are a lot of small details and background information scattered to different articles and chapters.

See more information from Official Cubicle 7: