26 April 2014

All flesh must be eaten...

New WFRP2 rules. I have made new version of my Skeleton document, which is now titled as The Walking Dead: Skeletons and Zombies (WFRP2 Rules). And yes, it includes Zombies too now. Most rules are the same as in the Skeleton document (which is now gone), but there are some new ideas too.

02 April 2014

Kalevala Hammer

2nd Sigmarzeit (Sigmartide) 

Welcome to grim and perilous Warhammer. Welcome to Kalevala Hammer! This is the new Kalevala Hammer site. Opened officially today!

Kalevala Hammer site started originally in web address http://www.freewebs.com/kalevalahammer on 24th May 2007. Little less than five years, on 14th January 2012, web address changed to http://kalevalahammer.webs.com. Ever since 2007 Kalevala Hammer site has served the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay community providing various rule expansions, maps, timelines, links, information...etc. All these can be founded in the new site also. The site is still finding its shape, so it may change little.

New site uses Google Drive and Google Web Picasa to host the files. You should be able to download everything from those places and after that they should look better than in preview mode.

For the start, I've created / updated few documents:

  • Timelines can be found now in PDF format (Universal Rules & Timelines)
  • Carnivals and Festivals can be found now in PDF format (Universal Rules & Timelines)
  • Even new Norsca version is coming, I've published WFRP3 Norsca Rules for version 1.0 (Norsca; WFRP3 Rules)
  • There is a new expanded Melee and Missile weapons list for WFRP2 (WFRP2 Rules)
  • And finally there is a new WFRP2 Career Expansion, with many "missing" careers and new talents (WFRP2 Rules)
Enter freely and of your own free will, and leave some of your happiness...