24 May 2022

Happy Birthday Kalevala Hammer!

Happy Birthday this site! Site is now 15 years old.

So, how was the last Warhammer year? Well, I would say it's been pretty good year. Cubicle7 Entertainment keeps publishing WFRP4 material strongly providing great sourcebooks, adventures and accessories. Small pdf sources and big books. The Enemy Within (TEW) Directors Cut with Companion books is just amazing package. Old classic, yet new in many ways giving so much more information and ideas. The Imperial Zoo, Up In Arms, The Winds of Magic all great sourcebooks to expand the Core Rules. Still there is so much more Warhammer to explore, so interested to see where they are going next.

There is other games too. Total War: Warhammer part III (separared from I and II) explores the World-That-Was further going finally to The Grand Cathay. Then we got Age of Sigmar Soulbound, where RPG is growing too (even not World-That-Was game)... And time to time even I update something new here. As do many other fans on their sites, blogs...etc. So, Warhammer lives strong!

Remember to visit Winds of Chaos -forum. Also, more talk on Rat Catchers' Guild Discord channel and on Warhammer Reddit.

And as always - Remember to keep the hammer high! Cheers J