09 September 2018

Warhammer Chronicles Omnibus Coming Soon (Black Library)

The good old Warhammer World-That-Was is not gone. Black Library is publishing more Warhammer Chronicles gathering old stories together. I decided to collect here this autumns books. See more from the official links to Black Library site:

Warhammer Chronicles: Masters Of Steel And Stone Omnibus
Availabe NOW
  • Grudge Bearer by Gav Thorpe
  • Oathbreaker by Nick Kyme
  • Honourkeeper by Nick Kyme
  • The Doom of Dragonback by Gav Thorpe

Warhammer Chronicles: Gotrek and Felix Volume 1 Omnibus
  • Trollslayer, Skavenslayer, Daemonslayer & Death and Glory by William King
  • A Place of Quiet Assembly by John Brunner
  • Blood Sport by Josh Reynolds
  • Kineater by Jordan Ellinger
  • Mind-Stealer by C L Werner
  • The book also includes Gotrek & Felix Gazetteer, a guide to the characters and locations of the series.
Warhammer Chronicles: Tyrion and Teclis Omnibus
  • Blood of Aenarion by William King
  • Sword of Caledor by William King
  • Bane of Malekith by William King

And then some Blood Bowl, which is partly the same world... Well, how ever do you wan't to see it...
A Bloodbowl Anthology: Death on the Pitch Omnibus
  • Manglers Never Lose by Josh Reynolds
  • Fixed by Robbie MacNiven
  • Da Bank Job by Andy Hall
  • The Hack Attack by Matt Forbeck
  • Mazlocke's Cantrip of Superior Substitution by Graeme Lyon
  • Pride and Penitence by Alex Worley
  • The Skeleton Key by David Annandale
  • Scrape to Victory by Gav Thorpe
  • Doc Morgrim's Vow by Josh Reynolds
  • A Last Sniff of Glory by David Guymer
  • Foul Play by Andy Hall
  • Hoppo's Pies by Guy Haley