06 July 2018

WFRP4 Preview - Class and Career (Cubicle7)

More WFRP4 details from Cubicle7: WFRP4 Classes and Careers. WFRP4 Careers are now organised into eight Classes (Academics, Burghers, Courtiers, Peasants, Rangers, Riverfolk, Rogues, Warriors). Core Rulebook will feature 8 Careers on each Class giving total 64 Careers. Interesting detail is, that each career now features 4 levels (or Tiers). So, now you can stay in the same career and move forward gaining new set of skills & talents, OR move to second career gaining new set of skills... and so on.

Careers are pretty "normal" basic set, featuring pretty much the normal WFRP starting careers. Future products will probably detail more various countries and Warhammer races and their careers. This is sad, because it will take time to get these more special careers. It would have been nice to have little more special careers to the start. Another thing is Advanced Careers - they seem to be gone now, as WFRP4 careers have 4 levels.

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