21 July 2018

WFRP4 Preview - Magic (Cubicle7)

And more WFRP4 previews from Cubicle7: Magic. Magic (Arcane and Divine) always has important role in Warhammer world (even setting may not be "high magic"). Unstable, yet important power. Both players and their enemies need their spells. WFRP4 provides pretty good amount of spells. And system seems simple and with it's career-system probably works pretty well, when creating different magic-users. But, Warhammer setting is also very unique how the magic works and hopefully new system has addressed some of these things too (example: Are there penalties, when one tries to learn multiple Lores? Are there different bonuses, if you are College Wizard compared to Renegade Wizards or just Hedge Witches...etc).

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