20 March 2023

WFRP4 - Lustria Pre-Order (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

And another huge rpg sourcebook (over 200 pages) from Cubicle7 finally exploring the mysterious Lustria. Realm that we know from the Lizardmen army books, old articles, WFB campaigns, and maybe from some novels. Rich and huge realm to explore and so it is. Who wouldn't want to adventure to its steaming jungles where weather, diseases, plants, animals, undead, Norse, pirates, Dark Elves, savage Greenskins, beasts, and mysterious Lizardmen all can be your doom?

- Maps of the realm.
- Lustria lands, climate, history, lore (what different species and nations know about it), ancient places of power.
- Interesting locations, including Norse colony of Skeggi, The Vampire Coast and Elf colonies.
- Temple-Cities and Tlaxtlan.
- All about the Old Ones, The Slann and the Lizardmen. Their religion, magical powers, special traits, weapons...
- High Magic. This includes rules for Elven use of High Magic too.
- Lustrian Bestiary.
- Campaign ideas to Lustria and huge amount of various rules including new Character Options, careers, events, weather, travel endeavours...
- And like always - beatiful art.

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