20 March 2023

Warhammer Community: The Old World (Warhammer Community)

Warhammer: The Old World. Remeber this official Games Workshop project? It started few years back. Warhammer Fantasy world was destroyed by The End Times. They started slowly building new rules about the World-That-Was (and which was destroyed). Since then there has been number of articles detailing various things about the project. Not too much information, but it still seems to be coming (slowly). It seems, that this new version or edition (?!) will be set to little earlier in the Warhammer timeline than previous army books. It is interesting project.

You can follow any news about the project from the official Warhammer Community site. Their news has huge amount of various news from different Warhammer settings, so following links direct you to this years news about the Old World project (more easy to navigate, if you are interested). If you search more news there, try "Old World" to search.

Warhammer Community Official Site

Old World Development Diary – Explore the war torn lands of the World-that-Was (11 Jan 23) Official Site

Old World Development Diary – Walk Like a Nehekharan in the Land of the Dead (06 Feb 23) Official Site

Old World Development Diary – Revealing the Weapons of War (13 Mar 23) Official Site