26 June 2023

WFRP4 - Druidic Priest of the Old Faith (PDF)

Did you get Archives of the Empire, Volume III? If you didn't it has nice articles about the The Old Faith (and folk workship & Hedgecraft). Article also has rules about Priests of the Old Faith, but what I was missing was opportunity to present Druidic Priest of the Old Faith -career. But sadly no... Well, no worries. This is my take on that career. It uses the rules given in the book, but also it has good old Spirit/Totem Animal Familiar rules from the WFRP1 turned into WFRP4 rules. It should make this career interesting option. And I have made few new rules detailing about the Spirit Familiar.

WFRP4 Career: Druidic Priest of the Old Faith, Version 1.0 (PDF).