25 October 2018

ZWEIHÄNDER RPG - Warhammer Companion and Warhammer Knights & Templars (updated)

I have updated my ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Warhammer Rules. I decided to name "Warhammer Racial and Cultural Traits" document to just Warhammer Companion. It's main focus is Warhammer style rules for Species and various Cultures in the Old World (and beyond), but there are other rules especially with many Warhammer magical traditions. New version includes: some corrections, number of new rules (especially about magic), optional rules, references to new MAIN GAUCHE supplement (where it can be used) and more... To get more Warhammer world details and feeling to great ZWEIHÄNDER RPG rules. I have also made some small changes to Warhammer Knights & Templars document.

You can find these documents from following links, and from my ZWEIHÄNDER Rules -page:
ZWEIHÄNDER - Warhammer Companion, version 1.5
ZWEIHÄNDER - Warhammer Knights & Templars, version 1.5

Also remember to visit DriveThruRPG Grim & Perilous Library -page and checkout my ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Character Sheet. It is pretty simple and plain, but well organized for all the information, has some optional things and printer friendly. Works well with these rules. DriveThruRPG: Grim & Perilous Library - Character Sheet


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