07 January 2021

WFRP4 - Shrines of Sigmar PDF (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Happy New Year! And what better way to start new year, than some new reading for the WFRP.

Cubicle7 has published another interesting small PDF resource Shrines of Sigmar. It features five Sigmar's Shrine locations, which are: Delberz, Uathach (Bögen Valley), The Hammer's Stand (Reikwald Forest), Ruins of Lowengen village, and Fielbach. You can buy it from DriveThruRPG.

Each location has some basic information, and then the interesting part titled "The Secret" (they are all very interesting, but I personally liked Fielbach's - town which you can find south from Altdorf along the River Reik). Each location also features table for praying results and Adventure Hooks (and even little more information). Very interesting resource, which can easily be used with any WFRP version. See more about it from official news below:

Official Cubicle 7 News

See more information from Official Cubicle 7: