23 December 2020

Merry Christmas #2


Merry Christmas to everyone! For the event I decided to publish something too (long time that I have actually done something for the WFRP). So, I took old monster and decided to do Warhammer version. Old scary Christmas monsters called Krampus (check more from internet). Now, people have probably converted Krampus to various systems over the years. I don't know have there been any version for Warhammer (probably) and have anybody created anything related to Beastmen before? Well, I haven't seen anything, but who knows... Either way, this is my version.

So, I decided to build Krampuszgor. Very rare Beastman species. If you check Krampus pictures from internet, it does look very much like Beastmen on many of those. Well, my Krampuszgor has little background story. It is pretty powerful Beastman. Something between Gor and Bray-Shaman. Almost size of a Minotaur, with little latent magical powers, deadly frost breath, and ability to blend into the shadows. Nasty creature. So, hope you get some ideas for your games from that.

As for present to all of you - Krampuszgor rules are given for each version of Warhammer (WFRP1, WFRP2, WFRP3 and WFRP4). And it is my first WFRP4 creation. Hope you enjoy!

Bestiary Files - Krampuszgor