31 December 2018

New Norsca Map, version 3.00

Norsca Map, version 3.00.

There are huge number of small changes/new things on the map compared to previous version. But, also some major changes to some parts of the Norsca. Most have come from the Total War: Warhammer. Had to make some "bigger" adjustments with that, so the map would nicely look like combination of the old maps and the Total War.

Here are some new things:
  • Most roads across the Norsca are off course pretty much just bad trails. But, it was much more logical, that there was some better main roads across the land connecting the east and the west and the south and the north (for trade caravans and also armies to move). So, changed some of the trails to roads.
  • Made some big changes to Vanaheim and Helspire Mountain ranges. Decided to change those more alike with Total War map. They are now divided by valley and Vanaheim range became much smaller. Also, Helspire range became much larger as I added more mountains there (removed some valleys).
  • Big changes to Sarl Lands too. Made Trollheim Mountains - Ulfwerenar Mountains - Jotunheims more like in Total War map. This created much bigger valley between them. Everthunder Pass just became larger (not just pass, but actually wide valley).
  • Total War: Ice Tooth Mountains are now the main name of former Mountains of Thjazi, which is now the second calling name ("old" name) for this mountain range.
  • Total War: Moved The Monolith of Katam to the shoreline as in Total War. On a map found from the WFB 8th edition: Warriors of Chaos it is inland, but I decided to go with Total War here.
  • Total War: Moved Doomkeep more south.
  • Total War: Moved The Tower of Khrakk also more south, and away from mountains, as in Total War.
  • Total War: Decided to move Bay of Blades more north, based on the Total War. It is a location, not settlement, but now it is situated next to Sarl capital, which seems logical place.
  • Total War: Added SECOND Winter Pyre (different location).
  • Total War: Added Troll Fjord, Pack Ice Bay, The Naglfari Plain and Icedrake Fjord. These are not settlements, but there are main settlements on them, that can be the places found from Total War.
  • Total War: Added places like Tashnar, and Bloodfjord.
  • Total War: Added settlements of Aesling's Conclave, Bjornling's Gathering, Baersonling's Camp, Sarl Encampment, Varg Camp, Altar of Spawns, Serpents Jetty, Graeling Moot, Longship Graveyard, Frozen Landing.
  • Many thank's should be given to number of fans, that have been active about various Norsca information and places. There are number of new places found from various official sources (old, new, novels...).
  • Then there are number of new fan-based places on the map (these come from various unofficial fan-sources).
  • And finally added some details to the land. More marshes, lakes, rivers, trails...etc. Western fjords have now more "elevation" even it is hidden under the forests.
You can find the download links to actual huge maps (.jpg) from Norsca -page, but also from here:

Norsca Map, version 3.00

Norsca Map - Tribal Lands, version 3.00 

So, Happy New Year!

Norsca Map v3.00 preview by Jackdays