06 January 2018

Warhammer - AGE of SIGMAR: Malign Portents (GW)

New Year, New stuff... No, I'm not turning my site to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar -site. But, as Age of Sigmar RPG is also coming, I taught some coverage of those news also would be right.

Age of Sigmar, and especially Mortal Realms in that setting, have been little mystery to many old school Warhammer fans. Most people know pretty well the former Warhammer World, that is now referred as "World That Was" (as it was destroyed at the end of The End Times). Yet, this new Mortal Realms setting is confusing and strange. And why would it not be - It is strange "bubble world" setting, with multiple bubble realms hovering in space (or Aether or something). Yet, all these realms are worlds and basically settings themselves. The thing is, that they are also magically connected, so this really creates huge setting. But, still these are strange places.

Now, Games Workshop comes to aid. GW has published new site, that has nice information about the Age of Sigmar setting. It is your companion to this conflict in the Mortal Realms. So, if you want to start learning more about the Age of Sigmar and the Mortal Realms before the RPG comes, visit the links below. If not - Well, "World That Was" is still one of the best fantasy settings ever.

Malign Portents - Site for Age of Sigmar. See more free information about the setting from Realms (see video) and Timeline.

Warhammer Lexicanum - It also covers Age of Sigmar.