21 January 2018

The Northmen WFRP3 Rules v2.0

The Northmen are here! New (version 2) document features rules about the infamous and feared barbaric and nomad cultures living in the northern parts of the Warhammer World: the Norse, the Kurgan and the Hung.

Rules include:
  • Character Rules for each three tribes (and also one extra culture: The Tribes of Skaramor)
  • Career rules and ideas. This also includes career cards. Remember, that these careers are same as in my Norsca Project, but include some extra. Document gives more rules and ideas what careers to use with Northmen and different tribes.
  • Career rules for Champions of Chaos (Chaos Warriors and Chaos Sorcerers) and simple rules for Rewards of Chaos.
  • And finally - Summoning Rules for WFRP3.
  • Document also features heretical rules for Bloodspeakers - Khornate demagogues and priests, that have mystical powers. But, they are not spellcasters! They have different types of powers fueled by mutation. These rules finally give option how those dedicated to Khorne could summon Daemons of Khorne. Rule ideas for these powers are combined using various sources (Warhammer 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy: The End Times).
You can find the rules from following links:
NOTE! You can also find WFRP3 related rules and links from WFRP3 Rules -page from my site.