31 December 2021

WFRP4: Animal Trainer & WFRP: The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm (v1.5)

Happy New Year! Time to publish something updated and something new. Updated little my The Empire: From the Civil Strife to the Storm document. And then I have started building new Careers for the WFRP4 and the first one is here: Animal Trainer. There will be more. These careers are more "universal", so they are suitable to many species and cultures. Some, like Animal Trainer, will feature new rules.

WFRP4 Career: Animal Trainer, Version 1.0 (PDF).

The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm, Version 1.5 (PDF). Spoiler Alert! You should always consult your GM first before reading these... Now, even the document has spoilers about TEW ending, but who doesn't know these things? They have been World-That-Was history for a long time.