11 July 2021

WFRP4 - The Horned Rat Companion PDF Available! And Other News (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

Let's start with The Horned Rat Companion (PDF is available now). First little spoiler from The Horned Rat - The Episode 4 will take adventurers away from Middenheim presenting "new" locations on the Middle Mountains. So, Episode 4 is interesting new version, bringing always nasty and interesting Skaven to campaign (well, they always had small part in TEW, but now they get much bigger role). Companion basically has a small Skaven Sourcebook in it. You got alot of information about the Skaven (history, clans, weapons, magic, bestiary). With just few pages more, it could have been little more better featuring few more things from The Childred of The Horned Rat (WFRP2). But, Companion is not just Skaven, it features more information about the Middle Mountains. And one of the interesting famous locations there - Brass Keep. Companion also has bestiary, Ironbreaker career, couple of adventures, NPCs...

Besides Companion Cubicle7 had some news. Check out also Pádraig Murphys interview. More information from links below.

Official Cubicle 7 News - WFRP The Horned Rat Companion PDF Now Complete!

Official Cubicle 7 News - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Production Update

Official Cubicle 7 News - Interview with WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy

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