30 July 2021

WFRP4 - Fractious Nobles and their Stances (Cubicle7)

This week Cubicle7 published interesting blog post by Dave Allen called Trouble and Turmoil - Fractious Nobles and Their Stances Circa 2512 IC. This is interesting article connected to the final episode of the TEW campaign. Originally the Empire in Flames, which is the final part of the TEW, was epic conclusion of the campaign. There was major conflict between Ulricans and Sigmarites dividing the provinces and causing civil war / civil strife. And changing the Empire. Now, the same war is probably coming on Director's Cut too, but this time it might be little different too. Because the ending needs to be remade little differently. Still, the Civil War part gives huge amount of interesting possibilities... We probably see more articles related to this one.

Official Cubicle 7 News - WFRP: Fractious Nobles and their Stances

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