01 April 2021

WFRP4 - Altdorf: Crown of the Empire PDF OUT NOW! (Cubicle7, DriveThruRPG)

As you may have noticed Cubicle7 has published Altdorf: Crown of the Empire sourcebook (currently PDF only). As promised, it is massive. Over 200 pages full of information and beatiful art. Style is similar to previous sourcebook Middenheim: City of the White Wolf, but even bigger. So, where to begin - Let's start with map.

Map looks familiar. Exactly the same as found from The End Times: Glottkin. Well, that is the official look, so better not change it too much. Style of the map is similar to new Middenheim map. Pretty nice 3D view. Not bad, but not the best either. What troubled me on The End Times map and now here is that Altdorf looks too small. I know the map is little abstract view, but still it could, or should, have had little more buildings. Maybe little bigger scale too. And how far is that Altdorf's Reiksport? Well, it is mentioned on the book too. Still, map is pretty nice.

Like I mentioned already - massive. The amount of details, hooks, ideas is just huge. Could there be more? Well, maybe little more (streetnames, little more places...), but book is still great, with full of information.
- History and Timeline (But, did the timeline go right?)
- Governance of Altdorf. Which gives details from the Emperor's Family to various ambassadors.
- Gangs of Altdorf (The Fish and The Hooks)
- Details of City from district to district
- Beyond the Walls
- Espionage in Altdorf (another interesting addition)
- Proscribed Cults and Extremist Groups
- Over 45 detailed NPCs (didn't count myself). These include famous characters like Rosanna Ophuls, Thyrus Gormann, Filthy Harald Kleindeinst, Kurt Hellborg...
- Festivals, entertainment, knightly orders, bed and board, gates, bridges, weather, bestiary...etc.

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