01 November 2020

Fan - Perilous Sands, an Arabyan Sourcebook

This is one of the most amazing unofficial WFRP projects I have seen: Perilous Sands by Le Passant . An Unofficial Arabyan Sourcebook for Warhammer.

It is a massive piece of fan-work! It features over 360 pages of information. It has everything you need to know about Lands of Araby: People, land, states, cities, maps, history, armies, law, tradition, commerce, cults, beliefs, careers, magic, bestiary, adventure hooks... The amount of detail and knowledge it has is just amazing. Also, the document itself has a very beatiful and profession look. Great work! Remember - even sourcebook is done for WFRP2, the information works with other versions too.

Winds of Chaos forum topic: Perilous Sands, and Arabyan Sourcebook for WFRP2 (features download link to document)