24 May 2020

Happy Birthday Kalevala Hammer!

Happy Birthday this site! Another year has passed. Site is now 13 years old.

I would say it's been a good year for Warhammer. WFRP4 is updating strongly (sourcebooks could come little faster), AoS is also coming strong, and Cubicle7 provides interesting updates and extra material. Fans have different views on WFRP4 system, but you can always use former versions (WFRP1, WFRP2, WFRP3) with new adventures. Or give a ZWEIHÄNDER RPG a change. GW has given us previews of material from the Old World (World-That-Was), so something is coming from there too.

Remember to visit Winds of Chaos -forum. Also, more talk on Rat Catchers' Guild Discord channel and on Warhammer Reddit.

Cheers J