17 December 2017

ZWEIHÄNDER RPG - Warhammer Knights & Templars

More Warhammer fan-rules for ZWEIHÄNDER RPG. I decided to create more detailad profession rules for Warhammer Knighthood. This includes new professions, with various options, to make different Warhammer knightly orders little more unique. It features pretty much all the knightly orders (knights and templars) I remembered. And there are own profession for Bretonnians, Elves and Dwarfs.

AND even more - I also decided to expand bestiary and created more detailed rules about various mounts and other beasts of burden. Finally, there is optional advanced Encumbrance and Size-level rules.


You can find the document from this link, and from ZWEIHÄNDER Rules -page:
ZWEIHÄNDER - Warhammer Knights & Templars

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