29 January 2017

Awesome Lies - classical The Enemy Within: A Companion

AWESOME LIES blog started just recently and it has been very active. Blog is full of interesting "retro musings" about Warhammer. There are many interesting articles, but I have to mention this one especially - classical The Enemy Within: A Companion.

With classical The Enemy Within I mean the original The Enemy Within (TEW), that was published originally by Games Workshop in the late 1980s and later in the 1990s by Hoghshead Publishing. It is the most legendary and widely praised campaign ever made for WFRP and highly regarded RPG campaign outside Warhammer circles too. Most Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fans and players are familiar about the campaign and have played it (some even multiple times). Campaign itself is made from several linked adventures. You can find more about it from Wikipedia: The Enemy Within Campaign.

Back to AWESOME LIES - The Enemy Within: A Companion. Gideon has made great effort to bring this companion together. It is great addition to original campaign material, providing greater explanation, giving more supplementary material and help to Game Masters. And that is not all. Gideon is bringing even more ideas to table - AWESOME LIES - Twists in the Tale.