01 March 2016

The Order of Chaos Gamers: The Enemy Within Podcasts

​Forged in the fiery depths of Mordor or somewhere else hot and hellish, and brought together by the online wizardry of Fantasy Grounds. and Skype;

The Order of Chaos Gamers are an international band of RPG nuts that take you on a weekly live play romp through the classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay classic The Enemy Within.

The Order of Chaos Gamers are group of Warhammer fans playing the classic WFRP1 The Enemy Within -campaign with WFRP3 rules. If you haven't visited their site I recommend to check out their podcasts about the campaign. Updates keep on coming as the campaign advances... Great, and active, Warhammer site!

More about their adventures and talk about the campaign, see New WFRP Podcast Goes Live!!! topic from Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer Forum.