22 December 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy Hexenstag!

Something for the Christmas - A new Norsca Map version 2.5. It features number of new places found from various novels, The End Times -campaign and also some fan-stuff. Those new places could be hard to find from the map, but they are there ;-) Map itself features large area covering Norsca, Chaos Wastes shoreline, Albion, northern Bretonnia, northern Wasteland, northern Empire, most of Kislev, Troll Country and High Pass. 

Then something to read - The Tribes of Chaos: The Ysgrimlinga (as penned down by Brother Reichart Kriegvulf of Salzenmund). Great story/record about one of the most feared Norse tribe, that are part of the Aesling high tribe. Author is another huge Norsca-fan Kolsveinn.

You can find all those from my Norsca page.

And all this is just the beginning. Next year there will be, finally, a new version of Norsca: The Grim North of Perilous Adventure...