Universal Rules & Timelines

Alcohol & Tobacco Expansion, version 1.2 (.pdf)
Expanded new consume alcohol rules with hangover rules. Also famous alcohols collected from every country and nation in the Old World. Then there is also tobacco expansion in these rules.

Bestiary Files - Krampuszgor, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Christmas monster.

Carnivals and Festivals, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Document about the most common carnivals and festivals in the Old World - With sources and information. Also rules for all editions how various holy and special days give bonuses to spell-casting.

Chaos Runes Font, version 1.0 (.otf)
by Ultrajosua.

Travel Distances in the Empire (and beyond), version 1.0 (.pdf)
List of most of the main routes (land, river, sea) around the Empire (and beyond), and distances between various settlements.

Warhammer World Languages, version 2.0 (.pdf)
Fast list of the languages in the Warhammer World.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Araby or Bust! (Or Let's Take Road Trip To Nehekhera), version 1.0 (.pdf)
by Xathrodox86. Mini-Campaign set to Warhammer Araby. No stats, just plot. Can be used with any version/system.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Blood and Silver - A Tale of greed and misery, version 1.0 (.pdf)
by Xathrodox86 & Hectorius. Military campaign set to the Border Princes, with long timeline and various other details.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Cultrum - Thin Red Line, version 1.0 (.pdf)
by Xathrodox86. Detailed background information about spy organization in the Empire.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Secrets of the Path - Disciples of the Serene King , version 1.0 (.pdf)
by Xathrodox86. Ancient Cathayn organization, with strange powers, powerful connections through the world, enemies and strange dark secrets.


The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm, version 1.6 (.pdf)
Information and history of The Empire from Civil Strife (circa 2512 IC) to coming "Storm" (circa 2521 IC).

Timeline Sources, version 003 (.pdf)
Timeline source information.

Timeline 2400-2499, version 003 (.pdf)

Timeline 2500-, version 003 (.pdf)
Timeline from 2500 to 2522 and beyond, before the changes that come in The End Times -campaign.

Timeline Norsca, version 004 (.pdf)
Timeline from the beginning of Norsca to 2522 and beyond, before the changes that come in The End Times -campaign.

The End Times Timeline - 2521-25266, version 0.4 (.pdf)
Detailed timeline for the The End Times (TET) event (2521-2526).

Storm of Chaos Timeline, version 1.2 (.pdf)
Detailed timeline for the Storm of Chaos (SoC) war (2521-2522), before the changes that come in The End Times -campaign.