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History of Kalevala Hammer

This site started originally in web address on 24th May 2007. Little less than five years later, on 14th January 2012, web address changed to Ever since 2007 Kalevala Hammer -site has served the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay community providing various rule expansions, maps, timelines, links, information...etc.

What is Kalevala (Hammer)?

The Kalevala is compiled works of finnish folklore and poetry. It tells tales of northern heroes (male and female), artifacts, magic, supernatural, love, war, music, folklore, ancient gods, history, finnish stubborness and bravery. Sometimes story takes almoust epic portions involving powerful, almoust god-like, finnish heroes. It is major source of finnish mythology and paganism also.

For more information and details about subject, please check Wikipedia: Kalevala

So, what is Kalevala Hammer then? Well, including the name of the site, the hammer is not anyway part Kalevala mythology. It is actually mysterious and famous Norscan artifact (rune weapon) forged by Norse Dwarf Runesmith. It was originally reward for Norse hero, who became Dwarf-friend.

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