This page is dedicated to Albion mapping project. It will feature two different versions of Albion. Albion is little mysterious, misty shrouded huge island region in the north-west of the Old World.

First one is the official look of Albion as we know it now (and have known it for sometime). Major sources for Albion are some WFRP sources (few mentions) and WFRP maps (couple feature Albion) and then WFB Dark Shadows campaign book which has more information.

Second version is based on the old view of the islands based on the novel Storm Warriors
published in 1991 by GW Books. This version features a archipelago of four main islands and multiple smaller ones. My compination will have same Great Albion as official, but other islands (Albany, Aeryn and Morien) are added as extra. Main official sources are few old mentions about different regions and the WFB product The Tragedy of McDeath

Albion Maps

Albion1, version 1.0 (.jpg)
Official map of Albion.

Albion2, version 0 (.jpg)
Unofficial map of Albion.