This is my Norsca Project to expand the Warhammer World's northern realm little more. Base information to this project comes from the Tome of Corruption (WFRP2 sourcebook), which has Norsca section detailing the land and it's habitants (including careers). But I also use the great works of Morten Krog and his project about Norsca for the WFRP1.

The idea of my project is not to rewrite the Norsca found in the Tome of Corruption but to expand it, collect further information together and give little more detailed information about the realm. And also turn many good ideas found originally during the time of WFRP1 to update.

Norsca Maps

Norsca Map, version 2.50 (.jpg)
Norsca map. Includes also parts of border countries (Albion, northern Bretonnia, northern Wasteland, northern Empire, most of Kislev, Troll Country and High Pass).

Norsca Map - Tribal Areas, version 2.50 (.jpg)
Tribal areas are highlighted.

Old Norsca Map, version 1.8 (.jpg)
This is old (original) Norsca map.

Norsca Project Documents

NOTE! New version of Norsca document is coming...
Norsca: The Grim North of Perilous Adventure, version 1.0 (.pdf)
System free sourcebook about Norsca! It features full details about the land, the people, history (with timeline), the society, the tribes (including gazetteer), Norse lexicon, religion (with calender, holy sites, legends, Norse Gods, Heroes and other stuff about their mixed faith), rules/ideas about Norse characters, and dreaded bestiary. And even more rules about everything in the north...

NOTE! New version of Norsca document is coming...
Norsca: WFRP 3rd Edition Rules, version 1.0 (.pdf)
WFRP3 based rules about the Norsca. Connected to the Norsca Project.
NOTE! New version of Norsca document is coming...
Norsca: WFRP 2nd Edition Rules, version 1.0 (.pdf)
WFRP2 based rules about the Norsca.

NOTE! New version of Norsca document is coming...
Norsca: WFRP 1st Edition Rules, version 1.0 (.pdf)
WFRP1 based rules about the Norsca. 

Norsca: Tribes of Chaos - The Ysgrimlinga, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Record of one of the most feared Norse tribe.

Norsca: Hrafn's Saga, version 1.1 (.pdf)
Small story.

Norsca: Nordland, version 1.0 (.pdf)
Small story.

Timeline Norsca, version 004 (.pdf)
Timeline from the beginning of Norsca to 2522 and beyond, before the changes that come in The End Times -campaign.


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  • Special thanks to another Norsca fan Stu "Werekin" Cresswell for ideas and information.
  • Special thanks to Daniel Wray for correcting some of my bad grammar. Great work.
  • Special thanks to also another Norsca fan Hamza Changazi (aka Kolsveinn) for ideas, inspiration and knowledge. His works about Norsca (and many other articles) can be found from great wiki:
  • Then there are many other Warhammer fans who have had great many ideas to advance this project. These people are found mostly from the official Forums (see links).