12 September 2021

The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm, Version 1.0

Hi! It's really been long time that I have actually published something new here (besides news). I decided to create something that is both little preview for my new version of timelines (which are coming...), but also connected to the upcoming final episode of The Enemy Within -Director's Cut (TEW Volume 5). Which I am very much waiting (and probably brings more details to this document).

Spoiler Alert! You should always consult your GM first before reading these... Now, even the document has spoilers about TEW ending, but who doesn't know these things? They have been World-That-Was history for a long time.

My small document collects various information about provinces, rulers, other important personel and timeline of The Empire. Starting from just before the Civil Strife. It details changes from 2512 IC all the way to the circa 2521 IC (just before either Storm of Chaos or The End Times). I also try to connect all the information from different WFRP versions and various other sources together, which is sometimes little difficult...

And then something to think about. Is the document missing something? Is something wrong there? Or do you know some other correction? Do you know some source that is missing? Do you have any other ideas that could or should be added there? Just send email!

The Empire: From Civil Strife to the Storm, Version 1.0 (PDF).