28 November 2016

Rune Expansion

Rune Expansion (version 1.5) is here! I have divided Rune Expansion rules for different WFRP editions to different documents now. Also rules are expanded featuring following:
  • New runes (both Master and normal). Also runes will feature the multiple rune rule, that was used in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition: Dwarfs.
  • Anvil of Doom rules
  • Holy Rune Items rule (inspired by Gotrek's Axe)
  • Mighty Rune Artefact rule (inspired by items like Ghal Maraz)
  • Bestiary: Rune Guardian
You can find different rules from following links:
WFRP1 Rune Expansion Rules
WFRP2 Rune Expansion Rules
WFRP3 Rune Expansion Rules
WFRP3 Rune Expansion Cards