17 September 2016

WFRP2 Optional Character Creation Rules: Races and Regional Options, version 1.0

It all started, when I decided to create different WFRP2 cultural options for various Dwarfen settlements. Final product is WFRP2 Optional Character Creation Rules: Races and Regional Options, which can be found from that direct link and from WFRP2 Rules -page. From the document you find following:
  • Racial Characteristics for Humans (Civilized), Humans (Barbarian), Dwarfs, Elves, Halflings (Civilized), Halflings (Savage - yes, there are savage Halflings in the Warhammer World), Gnomes and Ogres.
  • Optional Talents/Traits, that can be taken during the character creation, which gives options to advantages and disadvantages. Example: Now you can create Beautiful/Handsome character, OR Ugly character.
  • Then I have tried to collect ALL the cultural options around the Warhammer World for races mentioned above. Some huge places (like Grand Cathay) could have served more detailed provincial profiles, but that would have required much more information and another project. Then some places are officially mystery (like Khuresh), so I have created optional rules about people living there. You also find some "forgotten" options too, like for example Civilized Albionese or Kislev Wheatlands Colonists.
  • I have used official and unofficial documents and tried to keep information very much same. Example: I use Wood Elf cultural profile from the Defenders of the Forest (WFRP2 fan-sourcebook) and have created all the other Elven cultural profiles based on that one.
  • Besides all the above, document features few other optional rules, like Home Environment and Size Level.